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Apple IPhone 7 Release date in India | price- Whenever IPhone users think that what they have in their hands is just the last limit, Apple surprises them and everyone else with a new launch with even more stunner features. After IPhone 5, it was the IPhone 6 and now it is the new IPhone 7 that is ready to surprise everyone with such features that were never thought of before.

Apple has recently launched its new IPhone 7 this September itself so that it can become a Christmas gift for many of the Apple users and lovers. Though the features and price are still a rumor, but it is for sure that there are some new things that will leave the older IPhone models much behind.

Rumored Features Of IPhone 7

It can be surely said that IPhone 7 has improved upon the features in which IPhone 6S suffered such as camera. The predecessor had a good camera but it had the issue of taking good quality images in low lights. This issue has been very well improved by adding four different flash lights in IPhone 7. Among these four flash lights, two will be of warm colors and the other two will be of cool colors. Not only this, it is also well supported by a light sensor.

Though people are expecting and it is also rumored that the model will have such a dual lens camera so that users will be able to click great images even in low light, but it is not sure yet whether the feature will be there in both the devices or not. Apple will be launching IPhone 7 with 4.7 inch screen and IPhone 7 Plus with 5.5 inch screen.

Apart from these features, there can be many more new changes that can be observed and explored. As per another rumor, it is possible that Apple IPhone 7 must be a waterproof device too.

iPhone 7

Price and Availability of the device

Before the launch of the devices, the prices of the IPhones were rumored to be somewhere in between $800 – &900. But of course there will be a drop in the prices soon that may lead the prices to go down as much as $870 or something. But of course these rumors will get cleared after sometime only when the devices will start selling. vShare Download

If you are planning to get it online, then the chances are high that Amazon will be the first online shopping site to introduce IPhone 7 for the customers. Of course Apple stores are also there to be approached to get in touch with the new IPhone 7 and explore its amazing features.

iPhone 7

It is said well by someone that when you are love with Apple, you may not wish to shift to anything else. May be this is the reason why Apple has now come up in the extreme competition with other giant brands such as Samsung and Lenovo. With better camera features and larger screen options, it is now ready to be known as the next generation smartphone device.

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