Know How to Cancel Jio Pre Booked Mobile Phone and get Rs 500 Back?

Cancel Jio Pre Booked Mobile

Know How to Cancel Jio Pre Booked Mobile Phone and get Rs 500 Back? Are you looking for the procedure how to cancel Jio pre booked mobile? If it so, then you are at the right place to know about the process and procedure about the cancellation of Jio Pre booked mobile and get 500 rs back to your account. But before this, everyone is in great dilemma to know about the cancellation pre booked Jio Phone is going to happen or not.

Is it possible to do Cancellation of Pre Booked Jio Mobile?

Yeah, it is possible to cancel pre booked jio mobile and much more easy to do so. In the latest Conference with the Mukesh Ambani, a chairman of Reliance Jio Digital company stated and has been confirmed by Reliance Mukesh Ambani that any users can get back their Rs 500 if they cancelled back their pre booked Jio mobile. He added more points related to the procedure stating that you should not need to be feared about how to cancel Jio pre booked mobile and get back Rs 500 paid at the time of ordering Jio phone. The procedure will be the same as the same you did while ordering Jio Phone.

Guide How to Cancel Jio Pre Booked Mobile Online:

  • Go to Jio app store, my profile and get the status
  • There you will find the ordered list of pre ordered mobiles
  • Click and check for status whether it has been dispatched as it has stated that September will be the month for delivering Jio phone to the customer.
  • So make sure that this is not the September month where you applying cancellation for Jio phone pre booked, as in the month of September 2017, Reliance Jio Phone start getting delivers to the customers who have booked for them.

Guide How to Cancel Jio Pre Booked Mobile Offline:

  • Visits nearby by Reliance store or Digital Mart of Jio, where you have pre-ordered Jio phone by paying 500rs to them
  • Then go for Inquiry Section of Reliance Digital Mart, show them the notification message or email received by you at the time of ordering Jio phone.
  • Ask them to do Cancellation of Pre booked Jio phone. Then he/she may note down your ordered ID from the message and take request as per you desire
  • Then return back your 500rs which had taken during pre-booking of Jio Mobile phone

That’s it much simple and easy process right? Yes, it is so simple that anyone can do Pre-booked Jio Mobile cancellation and get back Rs500 without any losing. But before cancellation of Pre-booked Jio Phone, you must carry few things which are really important for canceling Jio Pre-booked Mobile.

Important Things to Carry for Cancelling Pre-booked Mobile to get 500rs back:

  • Registered Mobile number
  • Verified Email account linked with the Jio Reliance
  • Notification or message received during the time of pre-booking process which contains Booking ID with your details

Want to Track your Jio Phone Order Status, go to this Link.

Summary of Article:

  1. Given confirmation whether Cancellation of Jio Mobile can be done or not,
  2. Helping user by providing statement given by Mukesh Ambani,
  3. Explained the procedure of Online and Offline cancellation of Pre-booked Jio phone, and last
  4. Things to carry at the time of cancellation Jio phones.
Know How to Cancel Jio Pre Booked Mobile Phone and get Rs 500 Back?
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