Controversial $4 smartphone to start shipping

Controversial $4 smartphone to start shipping

Controversial $4 smartphone to start shipping-Cell phones are the most used communication tool today; it has changed the way of communication. They are not just related to communication purpose but play a crucial part in the lives of men and women in their daily life. The growing competition among the mobile manufactures has lowered the mobile price nowadays. Just spending few bucks, and you turn out to be an owner of a mobile phone.

The controversial launch of the phone:

Seeing the necessity of mobile phones, the Noida based company, Ringing Bells, launched the cheapest phone costing only Rs.251 which disrupted and boomed the sale in the mobile handset market of India. It was hugely popular among the lower classed people for whom owning a smart phone seemed to be beyond expectation.

Controversial $4 smartphone to start shipping

The breathtaking features:

  • The best aspect was it was unbelievably cheap, pricing only Rs 251.
  • Lightweight, compact, having a good look.
  • Possesses a 4 inch screen with an IPS display.
  • A dual sim phone with 3g connectivity enables net browsing and downloading.
  • Powered by 1.3 GHz processor.
  • Has an internal memory of 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM.
  • Runs on Android 5.1 lollipop operating system.
  • Mounts a 3.2 Auto focus camera with flash and also a 0.3 VGA selfie/front camera.
  • Has pre-installed apps like swacch bharat, women safety, face book, whatsapp, YouTube and so on.
  • Comes with a 1450 mAh battery and a warranty of 1 year.

The controversies which triggered the market:

It is a fully fledged smart phone and works just fine like the other smart phones, just for Rs.251. it can definitely be used by them who are still struck on symbane and keypad phones and unable to afford a Smartphone. But controversies crept up when the telecom ministry opposed that a Smartphone with such low price and all the specs could not be less than 3k even after subsidized sales.

When the retail price was fixed to Rs 251 after adding up all the taxes, duties and so on, it stood near to Rs. 4100. The mobile phone was found to be sold with a value less than the original value, in e-commerce type with a low margin.

The phone proved to be very popular among inmates as it has proved to be a relatively low priced and affordable gadget but the phone which was launched with the government initiative couldn’t grow in the Indian market because of the issues within the ministry. The craze was such that there was a lot of craze and there were around millions of bookings.

The common man still believes to get acquainted to such product which may be affordable because android phones are growing and there need thrives among everyone nowadays.

Controversial $4 smartphone to start shipping
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