Freedom 251 Hands On review, user reviews and ratings

Freedom 251 hands on review

Freedom 251 hands on review:  What initiated as a public curiosity, turned into blow of dispute, put in order from company’s own faithfulness, distrustful pricing plan and at the end not being able to deliver a single Freedom 251 piece to anyone.

Despite the story of Ringing Bells, disputes and price plan. If we get into the detail of reality the Ringing Bells has passed on the Freedom 251 hands-on review. Ringing Bell has dispatched a Freedom 251 hands-on review, and after my study on world’s cheapest gadget. It was a sheeny copy of iPhone and was in real Adcom smartphone. No word how usual the smartphone is!

By chance, the ultimate version of the Freedom 251 looks much first-hand, reformed and preferable than the model shown to the media. Now after removal of sticker of Freedom 251, It was shown to smartphone expert to infer the value of the smartphone and give their Freedom 251 hands on review. Commonly people estimated the cost between Rs. 4000 to 8000. The drill makes us feel that usual opinion cost of initial range smartphone is to go off from Rs. 4000 approx.

Controversies and criticism

According to the Indian Cellular Association (ICA), a smartphone can not be sold at a price as low as Rs 251 because only its minimum accessories cost is approx 2000 (INR). As per the ICA, even with a subsidized sale, the selling price should not be less than Rs 3,500 ($52.28 USD as of 31 August 2016). According to Narayanan Madhavan writing in the Hindustan Times, a price of Rs 251 is possible only through deals with advertising partners. Such deals would only be possible once a very large number of handsets were in use.

The offices of Ringing Bells were raided by government officials on 20 February 2016 investigating why the product does not have a Bureau of Indian Standards Certification.

Ringing Bell’s Freedom 251 Hands On review

Since the phone looks like a Chinese phone where the original brand label was covered with whitener, therefore, some commentators indicate that the Freedom 251 sale is a scam by given their Freedom 251 hands on review. In a report, it has said that many people ordered the phone but they did not receive even a confirmation email. BJP MP Kirti Somaiya described Ringing Bells as “a Ponzi bogus company scam”. He has requested that the Telecom Ministry, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, and various other ministries investigate the company. As a result of these concerns, the payment gateway facilitator PayUBiz decided to withhold payment to Ringing Bells until the items were dispatched.

After conducting an internal assessment on the phone The Telecom Ministry found that it could not be offered for less than Rs. 2,300 – 2,400 ($34.36-$35.85. The company Ringing Bells has also been accused of fraud and non-payment of dues by its customer services provider.

Freedom 251 hands on review

Promotion about Freedom 251 hands on review

The initial price was offered by the company for a limited time only to online bookings between 18 and 21 February. Due to very high traffic, the website was crashed on the first day. As per the report of the company that the regular price will be about ₹500 ($7.47 USD as of 31 August 2016).

Money refund

The company Ringing Bells had promised to provide refunds to 30,000 customers who were pre-booked the Freedom 251 on the first day of the sale. The company stated that the refunds should have reached customers during the first week of March 2016 but yet it is not certain how many people have received their money back.

About Freedom 251 Smartphone

The Freedom 251 is the cheapest smartphone in the world that was initially offered for sale in India at the promotional price of 251 (INR)(the equivalent of 3.75 USD as of 31 August 2016). It is being sold by Ringing Bells Private Limited.

There has a complaint filed by the MP Kirti Somaya which led to a FIR being registered against the director of Ringing Bells .Mohit Goel and company president Ashok Chaddha under section 420 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) as well as the Information Technology Act.

Freedom 251 specifications and Freedom 251 hands on review

The Ringing Bells Freedom 251 is a GSM Smartphone with single SIM. It is capable of connecting with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM.  Sensors on the phone include Proximity sensor.

Freedom 251 smartphone was launched with a 4.00 –inch touch-screen display with a resolution of 540 pixels by 960 pixels. It is powered by 1.3 GHz quad-core along with 1GB of RAM. The phone has 8GB of internal storage and it can be expanded up to 32GB BY AN sd CARD. As far as the camera of this phone is concerned, Freedom 251 packs have a 3.2-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 1.3- megapixel front shooter.

The Ringing Bells Freedom 251 powered by a 145 Ah removable battery and it runs on Android 5.1.

Freedom 251 Hands On review, user reviews and ratings
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