[*NEWS*] Freedom 251 Mobile : The most Inexpensive Smartphone

Freedom 251 Mobile

Freedom 251 Mobile : The most Inexpensive Smartphone | Freedom 251 Mobile, The world is teeming with literally billions of smartphones and every year other millions of smartphones are being added to this digital world. All the smartphones are equipped with distinct features and price tag. Various Smartphone manufacturers are trying to keep expense down of their smartphone with arriving new technologies and hence, boost the sell. On February 18, 2016, an Indian company Ringing Bell had launched the breakthrough in the world of a smartphone called ‘Freedom 251’ at the price of INR. 251 as per its name. Ringing Bell private limited was kicked off as start-up launching freedom 251 at the promotional price of Rs.251, making it world’s cheapest smartphone. I will tell you that how this cheapest smartphone turned out as the most bogus smartphone.

Freedom 251 Mobile : the cheapest smartphone

Ringing bell private limited started selling this smartphone online at the promotional price of Rs.251 for the limited period of time on their website which was crashed after tremendous incoming traffic of visitors.

Costing only Rs. 251, this smartphone was based on latest Android 5.1 lollipop OS, featuring 1GB of RAM, 1.3 Ghz Quad-core processor, not bad 8GB of internal storage and 1500mAh of lithium-iron battery. Besides those features Freedom 251 was equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and USB 2.0 added to front and rear camera of 0.3 Megapixel & 3.2 Megapixel respectively and display of 4 in.touch screen with the resolution of 960*540 pixels. And yeah with the bunch of sensors.

So you think you will get this all feature in just Rs. 251, when even smartphone giant companies have a hard time to cut the cost down at this extreme level.

True story behind Freedom 251 Mobile

After being marketed as world’s cheapest smartphone, Ringing bell private limited kicked off the selling on their website as I mentioned above at just mere Rs. 251, claiming that they have the vision to make smartphone available at the lowest price to every Indian, where only one person out of ten has a smartphone. With the promotional price of Rs.251, they had accepted booking of only 30,000 ( around 7.5 million INR)  customer in between limited time of 18 February to 21 February.

But the reality was something mind-boggling, according to the Indian cellular association, cutting down a cost of smartphone at this extreme level is not possible and such level of price drop only could be possible if number cell phone production were at its pinnacle and after being raided it was deduced that the Ringing bell private limited really had not certification of Indian standards which is the most imperative entity before producing any product in India.

There are many rumors still floating around claiming that the sale of freedom 251 mobile was scam & fraud as customers who had booked their smartphone, never got one. People who booked their smartphone had not got even confirmation emails, hence, some government officials are also stating that sale of freedom 251 was a bogus scam and registered the FIR against the director and president of the company under the information technology act and IPC section 420.

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After that Ringing bell, private limited promised to give the refund to the customer who prebooked the smartphone online on the kicked off day of the sale. I don’t think so if there are anyone who got his or her freedom 251 mobile, get a chance to unbox it and had a chance at least try it as it was totally bluff. After knowing the reality about this cheapest smartphone, the  freedom 251 mobile was turned out as bogus one as well. Hope there is no one who are still waiting for this smartphone as it will never going to have arrived at your doorstep.

[*NEWS*] Freedom 251 Mobile : The most Inexpensive Smartphone
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