IDFC Aadhar Payment App Download | Android, iOS & Windows

Aadhar Payment App Download

IDFC Aadhar Payment App Download – How to use & Install in Android, ios & Windows Play Store | Aadhar Pay App Download: IDFC Bank Aadhar Payment Application Using for Online payment through Aadhar Card number without bank details in the stores and wherever we want. BHIM app was recently launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a great ambition to make the digital India. IDFC Aadhar App can download from Google Playstore. As we know Modi banned 1000rs and 500rs notes banned from 8th November 2016. From that day, all the transactions digitized to eliminate black money.

How to download Aadhar payment App?

Aadhar Payment App Download from Google Play Store by searching “IDFC Aadhar Payment App“, You can also Download from Apple Store and Windows App Store. Besides the Aadhar Payment app, many Central and State government offices have allowed biometric attendance system for employees attendance. The Digital India scheme aims to provide all government services to citizens electronically and is anticipated to be completed by 2018.

How to pay money using Aadhar Payment App?

First, you have to  Aadhar Payment App Download from your respective App Store like Android, Apple IOS or Windows Phone. This Aadhar Payment possibly will silence the digital payment censors with its one solution. As it is already known that the Indian government has provided a 12-digit unique identity number called Aadhar to each resident of India. So, now the Government is planning to install a new app which does away with plastics cards and the point of sale machines once supposed to be vital for a less-cash society. Though, after the demonetization move, almost everyone is making Digital cashless transactions.

Aadhar Payment App Download: Benefits, Requirement, and Comparison

It is the cheapest and easiest method of payment. The Aadhar Payment App is going to be the most innovatory money payment methods. This Payment method is liable of all the payment methods. Everyone can use this payment either it is rich or poor.

What is Aadhar Payment App?

There are lots of payment apps in the market like UPI apps, Paytm, SBI Pay, Phoneapp, Freecharge, mobile wallets etc. But the Aadhar Payment App is different from these apps it will make our life very easy.  Aadhar Payment App Download: this app doesn’t need a mobile phone so you can pay through the Aadhar Payment App without Phone. The Aadhar Payment App uses your fingerprints for the verification. On the basis of this verification, the money is paid from your Aadhar linked account. As per the reports, around 15 lakh terminals are present system across the country for use of new UIDAI based payment solution. If the government would like to encourage the use of digital cash then it is the right time and exact policy where they need to put in all their efforts. We are anticipating seeing a vast increase in the number of payment terminals set across the country. The increase in point of sale terminals will certainly help the Government to comprehend their dreams of making the country a better place in terms of digital cash/transactions.

Aadhar Payment App Download

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Requirement for this Method of Payment for the Merchant and Customers

The Aadhar payment app does not need any gazette and physical things from the customer. There is only constraint from the customer should remember his/her Aadhar number and keep its finger clean and this sufficient from customer’s side. Ahead of entering the Aadhar number, then the shopper can make the selection of bank for payment as per his/her choice.

Aadhar Payment App Download

Merchant Requirements

A merchant needs some more requirement which is given below.

  • Smartphone
  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Aadhar Payment App
  • Bank account

Customers Requirement

The customer should remember his/her Aadhar number and keep its finger clean.

  • A bank account linked with Aadhar
  • Clean Fingers
  • Your Aadhar number

How does IDFC Aadhar Payment App work?

Below we are describing how to use Aadhar Payment App system go through the following steps.

  • Merchant has to install Aadhar cashless merchant app on their Smartphones.
  • Merchants would just need to download the Aadhar app and attach their Smartphones to the biometric scan machine to allow the payments from customers.
  • The merchant would also be required to connect their bank accounts and register themselves on the app.
  • The app will prove all the linked bank accounts. You have to choose the desired bank account. This option comes only if you have more than one Aadhar linked bank account.

Limitations of Aadhar Payment App

  • This app is good for a customer but the merchant has to bear the extra cost of fingerprint scanner. The price of fingerprint scanner starts from Rs 2000.
  • From this app, you can’t use this system of payment for person transfer as fingerprint scanner is necessary.
  • This app will be work on the internet so this system would be worthless in no coverage or weak coverage area.

Will Aadhar Payment App work in future?

Yes, it must work in the future because this app will not have any extra charges. But Debit/credit cards are considered essential for a cashless economy. The main reason behind the failure of debit or credit card that their charges. Card companies like Mastercard and Visa used to charges 2% of the amount. But the payment with Aadhar Payment app does not have any extra charges. Hence, this method is supposed to be allowed broadly by merchants as well as customers. The official of the government said that almost 40 crore Aadhar numbers have already linked to bank accounts. The plan of the government is to link all bank accounts with Aadhar by March 2017. If this app would go well in future, the India will see a bang near a cashless economy.

IDFC Aadhar Payment App Download | Android, iOS & Windows
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