JIO 309 Offer and 509 | Recharge Last Date | JIO Dhan Dhana Dhan


Reliance JIO 309 Offer and 509 | Recharge Last Date | JIO Dhan Dhana Dhan | What Are The Benefits From JIO 309 Offer and 509 | How To Get It? Reliance Jio has come up with a recovery strategy after the advice given by Trai for closing the Jio Summer Surprise offer available for their prime members. The offers of free voice calling, video calling, chatting, unlimited SMS and unlimited 4G Data offer valid till 31st March of 2017 by Jio had announced to continue their services by Summer Surprise offer. But since this was given a boundary, Jio has announced Dhan Dhana Dhan offer for their prime members. The options are JIO 309 Offer and 509.

What Is JIO 309 Offer?

Basically, to acquire the offer valid for Rs 309 or Rs 509, one Jio user must enroll as a prime member first. Otherwise, the offers are not applicable. After enrolling into the prime membership of Rs 99, one can simply access to the offer called jio dhan dhana dhan by choosing any suitable option for them. The offer placed by Rs 309 and Rs 509 has almost everything common except the data offered for each day.

The JIO 309 offers will follow:

  • Unlimited voice call
  • SMS
  • Video calling
  • Online chatting
  • Jio apps for free
  • Unlimited 4G data available for 3 months.

What Is The Difference Between 309 And 509 Offers Then?

As mentioned above, the benefits acquired from Rs 309 and Rs 509 are almost same, except the data offer. The unlimited 4G data of Jio 309 offer will be limited to 1 GB per day after which it will be changed into 128kbps speed on that day, whereas in the offer of Rs 509, 4G data limit will be 2GB per day after which it will be changed to 128kbps on the same day. These are going to be valid for 3 months or 90 days. The member has to recharge again to grab the same offer in their smartphone.

jio dhan dhana dhan offer

Is It Valid For Non-Prime Members?

This offer is inaccessible for Jio non-prime members. The non-prime members have to recharge with other valid tariffs for them. There is an option for recharging with Rs 149 to get other benefits but the data offer is double beneficial for prime members. Interested non-prime members can enroll into the list of prime members to get the Dhan dhana dhan offer for them.

The JIO 309 offer will vary in this way:

Prime membersRs 309Unlimited 1 GB 4G Data per day.
Rs 509Unlimited 2 GB 4G Data per day.
Non-prime membersRs 408 (Prime membership charge of Rs 99 + 309)Unlimited 1 GB 4G Data per day.
Rs 608 (Prime membership charge of Rs 99 + 509)Unlimited 2 GB 4G Data per day.

How To Recharge For Rs 309 Offer?

The user has to download the MyJio app first and then sign in with their Jio phone number. In the Browse Plan option, left hand side will show Jio Prime menu. After clicking on to it and selecting Prime Membership plan, you have to pay Rs 99 for accessing the offer. After successful payment, you will be enlisted as a prime member.

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For offline process, members can visit Reliance Digital Mini store or Digital Xpress for enrolling into the prime membership.

JIO 309 Offer

After successful enrollment, one can easily access into JIO 309 Offer or Rs 509 offer for them.

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