All about Jio Feature Phone – Jio 4G Phone Features & Specifications


All about Jio Feature Phone – Jio 4G Phone Features & Specifications. JioPhone Specs,  Jio Features Phone made a splash at the Reliance AGM on Friday as Mukesh Ambani took the covers off the long-rumoured 4G feature phone. Jio Phone Key Specification Confirmed.

Jio 4G Phone Features & Specifications

Reliance Jio Feature Phone (Jio Phone) will be in your hands soon. The phone will be available to you in Just one and a half thousand rupees and that too refundable in the time period of three years. Mukesh Ambani has made an announcement about it. The pre-booking of the Jiophone will start on August 24. But the phone related registration on its website has started. But, you must know some things related to the live phone before taking it.

Let’s know today five things that are coming in the way of the phone:

Reliance Jio 4G Feature Phone

  1. Whatsapp will not work in this feature phone of Geo

    Yes yes, you heard it right. This app will not run on this phone, which has become increasingly popular worldwide. Geo has its own chat app, live chat. Maybe the company has not given WhatsApp on the phone due to this feature. Though it is being speculated that this feature can be added later, but at the moment it is the news that this feature will not be there. Our collaborative website Gadget 360 has said that there is no WhatsApp.

  2. Very good battery life:

    Since the phone is a feature phone, it is believed that its battery life will be great. But this is unlikely to happen. Because this is the feature phone but the internet will run on it. This is a 4G feature phone and therefore, more and more apps are given in spite of minimal space. Therefore, it would be better not to compare it to a normal feature phone’s battery life.

  3. No Dual Sim:

    The Geo Phone is not dual SIM. This is a single SIM phone. That is, only one SIM will run in it. According to the sources, the Geo Company has officially confirmed it. Dual SIM may be launched in the future but there is no such announcement yet.

  4. Amount totally refundable:

    You will get this phone with the security of 1500 rupees, but this security will also be back to you after 3 years. This phone will be found on the basis of ‘First come, first served’. Even if you have time remaining in the pre-booking book, you must get it registered now. Reliance Jio has started the process on its website

  5. The convenience of the SD card:

    In this feature phone, you will get the convenience of the SD card, only the camera will be. Nowadays there is also FM radio on the feature phones. These features will be found in this phone. Firefox OS is being used in Firefox instead of Android. It will run on the Qualcomm 205 platform. The company has not given the details of the specification.

Bottom Line

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All about Jio Feature Phone – Jio 4G Phone Features & Specifications
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