Jio Cloud App Download – JioCloud Offer, Get 40 GB Cloud Storage FREE


Jio Cloud App Download – Jio Cloud Offer, Get 40 GB Cloud Storage FREE. With the Jio Cloud APK Download, now you don’t have to physically carry your data. Just store your data’s like pictures, files, videos, documents, contacts etc in a completely organized and secure way with Jio Cloud App Download. This means, with the service of Jio Cloud App, you can access your data from anyplace or any device and also share them with anyone, even with those who don’t have the application.

What is Jio Cloud Storage Service

With the help of Jio Cloud Service, you can securely save a different kind of data to the internet server and protect them with passwords. This means, next time, you don’t need to carry a pen drive or any other external device to use your data for the business meetings or other purposes. Just log in with your id and password and you can get access to your data from anyplace in the world and with any device you want to.

Along with this, your data’s are completely secured. Even if your device like mobile or laptop is lost or damaged, you can always get access to your important data’s with the Jio Cloud App Download service. It is providing you with 40 GB of free Cloud Storage.

What You Can Store with Jio Cloud App Download

Jio Cloud service provides you the best service to store your data’s like contacts, files, videos, music, photo’s, etc. It also allows you to keep the record of your call logs. This allows easy carrying of important files wherever you go without the hassle of carrying a physical drive like a hard disk or a pen drive.

Along with storing the data, you can also share them with others. File of any size can be viewed or downloaded with the link that you can send to the person who you want the same to get access to. Thus, just sitting at your home, you can transfer a high volume of important data to anyone in the world with the Jio Cloud App Download.

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Different Features of Jio Cloud App

The Cloud service from Jio comes with a lot of different features. The details of the same are mentioned in the below-given list: –

  • You can automatically back-up your files to the cloud service without any kind of manual intervention. However, the manual process is also there if you don’t want all the data to be stored in the cloud.
  • You can access the cloud storage in few simple steps from anywhere by using any pc or smartphone.
  • You can easily share a large volume of files with anyone, even with those who don’t have cloud storage service.
  • It also provides offline access option in case of no network issues.
  • Just sync your device and you can restore your important contacts within seconds.
  • The cloud storage is completely secured with password and remote logout option.

Jio Cloud APK Download Link

Jio Cloud is available for Windows PC, Android Mobile, Mac iOS, Apple iPhone. You can download JioCloud App from Here.

Jio Cloud Offer – Get 40GB Free Storage Data

Henceforth, if you are traveling, or want to secure your data for future use, you no longer need to have a hard drive for the same. Just go for the Jio Cloud App Download and enjoy the access to your data from any place or device. Enjoy a 40 GB of cloud storage with the Jio Cloud App Download.

Jio Cloud App Download – JioCloud Offer, Get 40 GB Cloud Storage FREE
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