Reliance Jio Diwali Offer on Recharge of Rs 399 – 100% Cashback


Reliance Jio Diwali Offer on Recharge of Rs 399 – 100% Cashback. Jio Diwali Offer there is a 100% Cashback available with the recharge of 399 rs to your reliance Jio number. Yes, this time it is confirmed officially by the Reliance CEO, Mukesh Ambani in the previous conference held.

What Reliance Jio Diwali Offer?

Are you in the same situation to know what exactly Reliance Jio Happy Diwali offers and Plans. Then you are at the right place to know, this article completely explained you about the Jio New Diwali Offers.

Jio 399 Plan

There is 100% Cashback for the recharge of Rs.399 and but there are some terms and condition.

Hurry up; this offer ends up to this Oct 18 which is started by Oct 12.

It is valid for all Jio Customers and can keep as their advance recharge

What are the terms and condition of Jio Cashback 100% on Recharge of Rs. 399?

Reliance Jio has some terms and conditions while giving 100% Cashback for Jio Rs 399 in this Jio New Diwali offer.

There will be a voucher of Rs 50 will be given as the Cashback of Rs 399. Jio has announced that the Cashback for Jio New Diwali offer recharge Rs 399 will be given in the form of voucher cost of Rs 50.

Can vouchers be Redeem for Jio Diwali offers and Plans?

Many have still in doubt and want to know what the Diwali Offers are and even what to know how this Voucher will help and how to redeem the Vouchers which get in Diwali gifts.

So after November 15, you are able to redeem the voucher you get for this Diwali if you recharge your Jio mobile with Rs 399.

User needs to buy some add-ons of Rs 309 and then they have chances to get Rs 91 and more as a Diwali gift and Cashback will be awarded to each of the Jio users

User can have option of one time go with the voucher redemption, so there is chance of getting Rs 400 at a time

Even there is a chance to transfer Jio money of Rs 50 to any other user or your relative as a Jio Diwali Offer gift.

You can Check Jio 399 Recharge Plans here

What is other Jio Diwali Offer?

There is tough competition going on between Airtel and Reliance Jio, as Airtel has launched some offers to beat Reliance Jio.  So Reliance has another offer for Customer to get 4G mobile phone at the cost of Rs 0. Yes, it is true and officially confirmed by the Reliance CEO, Mukesh Ambani. Yes here too there are some terms and condition for getting this 4G featured smart phone at the cost of no rupee.

Wrapping the Content about Jio Diwali Plans

Wondering, how it is possible to get 4G smart featured mobile at no cost. Yes, if you need to use this Jio Diwali offer new phone Jio 4G for three years, the amount will get refunded to your account and if you are able to use only for one year then 500rs is refunded and then if it is for 2 years then 1000 is refunded

Reliance Jio Diwali Offer on Recharge of Rs 399 – 100% Cashback
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