Jio Phone Booking Process – How to Book Jio Phone Online


Reliance Jio Phone Booking Process – How to Book Jio Phone Online. Jio Phone booking: Fill your details in this Keep Me Posted form to Receive Updates About the Jio Phone Booking Process. Jio Phone Pre Booking will start from 24 August 2017.

Things To Know Before The Rush For The Jio Phone Booking Process Starts

It has already been unveiled that JIO phone will launch in the Indian market for its beta testing phase. August 15 is the date when the Jio Phone starts getting handed to a limited set of people.

The Jiophone booking process will be available for both online/offline options. There will be a rush of ordering this phone all across the nation. To call dibs on this particular device, you might have to follow some procedures.

The beta phase won’t be available to the masses just yet.  The Jio phone will get a proper launch by the fall of September. Since most of us will have to wait till September to get their hands on “India Ka Intelligent Smart Phone.”, we can still go through the pre-order process once it starts on 24th August.

The phone will be delivered by September as first come first serve basis.

Jio Phone Booking Process – How To Apply?

For online booking of your handset, don’t forget to check My Jio app on August 24th. For further updates on this topic, do subscribe to the newsletter of website by clicking on “Keep me posted.” For that, you might also have to fill up some details. Registration for the Jio phone booking process is very generic and straightforward, but if you are an owner of any business ventures, then you will need the PAN or GSTN number of your company.

For offline bookings, you can opt to visit any nearby Jio store n August 24th. It might be bit hectic because of the rush hour of the pre-bookings of the handset. But if the online process is not available then don’t forget to visit a Jio retailer store nearby. The handset will reach to you by the month September. The delivery dates are yet to be announced.

JioPhone Prices

After getting through with the jiophone booking process, it is time to remind you that this particular device is free. But the users will have to pay a refundable amount of money which will be returned after three years i.e., 2020. The amount that needs to be deposited is 1500 INR. The primary reason for this is to prevent the misuse of the data.

Some Specifications of the Jio Phone

  • Alphanumeric Keyboard
  • 4-inch QVGA display
  • microSD card slot
  • torchlight
  • FM radio
  • single SIM with active 4G Volte
  • voice commands
  • Supports 22 Indian languages
  • panic button
  • NFC support
  • Connectivity between the phone & TV (To avail this service, users will have to get a recharge of Rs. 309/month for a large screen.)

Features to expect

This entry level device will have unlimited data, texts and voice calls. Customers will have to replenish their accounts with a JioDhanDhanaDhan monthly pack of Rs. 153 to enjoy all the amenities like

  • Free voice calls
  • Free texts
  • Unlimited data (capped at 500mb/day)
  • Free access to exclusive Jio apps for 28 days

Keep watching this place and Jio Phone Booking will starts from 24 August 2017 in India, Visit this link for more details: Jio Phone Pre Booking 24 August

Post Summary:

The jio phone booking process will start from 24th August 2017. Pre-bookings will be available both in offline and online mode. This new initiative might start with an entry level smartphone, but it has the potential to make India smart by giving everyone the opportunity to own a smartphone. The phone will reach the shelves in September. A refundable deposit of 1500 INR is required to obtain this handset. The deposit is for data security purposes and will be returned after 3 years i.e. 2020.

Jio Phone Booking Process – How to Book Jio Phone Online
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