Jio Phone Out for Delivery – Expected delivery Date could be Delayed


Jio Phone Out for Delivery – Expected delivery Date could be Delayed, Expected Jio phone is awaited for delivery could be late. When did Jio Phone deliver to my Address? Jio Phone Expected Delivery Date?

Jio Phone Out for Delivery – Expected delivery Date

Reliance Jio phones out for delivery was scheduled to start the first week of September is much awaited for phones delivery by a week. According to survey reports by Jio the phone which should be delivered by September 10 is delayed for a week due to high demand.

As in India today given information from one of the Jio retailers said that “Earlier they were supposed to deliver Jio phones to the Jio stores by the first week of September. Now there will be some delay and phone will be delivered late.”  Later he also informed that Jio pre-booking is expected to start on next 4 to 5 working days.

Q: On what date can I expect Jio phone out for delivery?

A: Actually, so many people who are waiting for delivery has a doubt on delivery opted dates. Now it’s cleared by this article that Jio phones delivery is expected to be between September 10 and 15. You can expect Jio Phone out for delivery on first come first serve basis. Those who ordered first they will receive first.

Q: How to track status of Jio phone for delivery in online and offline mode?

A: In order to track Jio phone bookings online mode, Users can open MYJIO app and tap on manage booking option. Now you need to provide your registered phone number and you will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number, enter OTP once you have received. You will be redirected to the delivery status page once the delivery has started it shows the status of your Jio phone out for delivery. There is also an option called transfer Jio phone booking using the MYJIO app via an option called transfer booking in manage booking section.

JioPhone Order Tracking

In order to track offline- you just need to call the customer care number 18008908900 and follow the IVR instruction given by them. This number will not work if customers call from an unregistered mobile number. When calling to them you should call from your registered mobile number. The registered mobile number is used to track your Jio phone out for delivery by customer care. They track the present status of your Jio phones order and they will put you an SMS displaying about Jio phone out for delivery status and also they provide Jio store information to collect your pre booked Jio phone.

How Can I track status of my Jio phone delivery?

You can track your Jio phones delivery status once the delivery has placed, Jio phones delivery is opted to place from 2nd week of September. You can track by giving a call to 18008908900 from your registered mobile number. If you call from unregistered mobile number the customer care number is unable to respond.

Or you can Just Check Jio Phone Delivery Status by clicking on this Link.

Jio Phone Out for Delivery – Expected delivery Date could be Delayed
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