Reliance Jio Phone vs Airtel Karbonn A40 4G Smartphone – Comparison


Reliance Jio Phone vs Airtel Karbonn A40 4G Indian SmartPhone. Price Comparison of Airtel Karbonn 4G A40 Phone vs JioPhone. Which is best between Airtel Smartphone vs Jio Free Phone.

Reliance Jio Phone vs Airtel Karbonn A40 4G Smartphone

It raining offers nowadays, since the launch of the Jio 4G Feature phone, most of the competitors are looking to launch something new and attractive. That is why; Airtel has launched a handset bundled offer with Karbonn A40 Indian. Here we will discuss the competition of Jio Phone vs Airtel Karbonn A40.

Features Comparison of Jio Phone vs Airtel Karbonn A40

The Jio Phone is a 4G Feature phone, whereas the Airtel Karbonn A40 is 4G Smartphone. Thus, in comparison with features, the Airtel Karbonn A40 is definitely a step ahead. Let’s find out the same: –

Karbonn Rs 1399 Indian Mobile Registration

SpecificationJio Free PhoneKarbon A40 Indian
Display2.4 Inches4 Inches
ProcessorDual CoreQuad Core
Clock Speed1GHz1.3 GHz
Storage4 GB8 GB
Expandable MemoryUp to 128 GBUp to 32 GB
Rear Camera2 MP2 MP
Front Camera0.3 MP0.3 MP
OSKAI OSAndroid 7.0 Nougat
Battery2000 mAH1400 mAH
Starting PriceRs 1500Rs 2,899

Both the phone supports the VoLTE networks and if we compare the specifications of Jio Phone vs Airtel Karbonn A40, the Karbonn A40 is definitely looking good. But there are many other things that need to be considered.

Price Comparison between Airtel Karbonn A40 vs Jio Phone

The Jio Phone is available with a refundable security deposit of Rs 1500. This means, after 3 years, you can get the complete Rs 1500 if you return the phone. However, the price of the Airtel Karbonn A40 is available at a price of Rs 2899. In the period of 36 months, you will get Rs 1500 refunded, which brings the effective price to Rs 1,399.

Terms and Conditions of JioPhone vs Airtel Karbonn A40

Both the phones are offering refund amount after a certain period of time, however, there are certain terms and conditions.

  • Jio Phone: –

    You need to pay Rs 1500 as the refundable security deposit for 36 months. But to sustain the refund offer, you need to recharge with Rs 1500 per annum or Rs 4,500 in 36 months.

  • Airtel Karbonn A40: –

    For taking this handset, you need to pay Rs 2,899 and to be eligible for the refund of Rs 1500; you have to recharge Rs 169 every month for 36 months. At first, Rs 500 will be refunded after 18 months and the next Rs 1,000 will be refunded after the completion of 36 months.

Purchase Link of both Phones is given below:

Another condition with the Airtel Karbonn A40 is that the refund will not be done in cash. The amount will be paid in the Airtel payments Bank Accounts. But for getting the refund you don’t have to return the phone.

Along with this, the Jio Phone is restricted with Jio connection only, but you can use any connection with the Airtel Karbonn A40, but if done before 36 months, the refund will be canceled.

Recharge Offer Comparison between JioPhone vs Airtel Karbonn A40

Jio is offering Rs 153 recharge for 30 days with unlimited voice calling and 500 MB 4G data service after that the speed will be reduced to 128 kbps. Airtel is also offering similar recharge amount, there is Rs 169 for 28 days with unlimited calling and 500 MB 4G Data.

Final Comparison Summary

After Jio, Airtel has come up with an attractive 4G handset offer with Karbonn A40. The comparison between Jio Phone vs Airtel Karbonn A40 is very difficult as both the offers are attractive in their perspective. So, it will be completely depending on the individual to select the best.

Reliance Jio Phone vs Airtel Karbonn A40 4G Smartphone – Comparison
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