Reliance Jio Phone Will Deliver by This Diwali – *Confirmed*

Jio Phone Will Deliver by This Diwali

Confirmed Jio Phone Delivery Dates – Jio Phone will Deliver by This Diwali. Reliance JioPhone delivery to be completed by Diwali. Jio Phone Delivery will Start by Diwali Festival Confirmed by Reliance Jio.

Jio Phone will Deliver by This Diwali – Bring Happiness to your Home

Jio Phone will Deliver by This Diwali which falls on October 19, 2017….!!! Surprising, yes this Diwali brings you happiness with Jio phone as it is ready to deliver by this Diwali festival. To celebrate the festival Diwali with the new enhancement features and advanced 4G network phone that Jio Phone. Yes, it is confirmed officially by the head committee members of Reliance Jio Company Pvt Ltd, which is happy news for Jio customers who wish to have Jio phone

Check the Delivery Status of Jio Phone, learn how?

Anyhow it is confirmed at every digital Jio Store that Jio Phone will delivered by this Diwali Festival and every will be having Jio phone by this Diwali festival and many have already started checking to know the current status of their Jio phone, as because of the low cost and multiple features every one showing keen interest towards this smart 4G features Jio Phone.

Click here to Check Jio Phone Order Stats – Track Jio Phone

Just dial, 18008908900 for checking the live status of your Jio phone which is said by Reliance officials that Jio Phone will deliver by this Diwali.

Even you can check the current status of Jio Phone in the shopping website or Jio official site

Carry ordered and registered number with the message which you received while pre-ordering of Jio phone

How will Jio Phone be Delivering by this Diwali?

Since, it was August 24, 2017, when the booking of Jio phone started and you all booked the Jio phone right? And here no more waiting is needed for the people who ordered Jio phone. So waiting for the ordered Jio featured phone is no more needed, Yes, Jio Phone will Deliver by This Diwali festival

How to Proceed to pay Rs 1000 Remaining for Jio Phone?

Many people have done pre-booking by paying Rs.500 and now it is the time to pay another rs 1000 as the date is near to get delivered the Jio Phone that is Oct 19, 2017. Jio Phone which is coming on this Diwali makes you wonder with its significant features and it is added some pre-loaded apps facility for messaging and entertainment which can really enjoy by the customer

Jio Phone Cash On Delivery

Amount will be get returned after 3 Years of Using Jio Phone, know how?

Jio Phone will Deliver by This Diwali can be refunded the entire amount you paid for the Jio phone even after 3 years, making you wonder right? Yes, why not because it’s allowing to use Jio phone with smart features for 3 years and when you returned this phone

You don’t need to move here and there for returning Jio Phone, just visit any nearest digital showroom of Reliance and then take your mobile with you. Then just returned them showing the receipt for the date on which you have received Jio phone that would be October 19, 2017, as Jio Phone will deliver by This Diwali festival and get returned your amount even after 3 years

Reliance Jio Phone Will Deliver by This Diwali – *Confirmed*
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