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JioGST Starter Kit enables a smooth transition to the new taxation system. Jio GST Starter Kit Offer – Get JioFi, JioGST Software Download, 24GB Data+Unlimited Calling 1 Year With Free JioFI Device all in Just INR Rs. 1999/-. Jio GST Starter Kit is a mobile-first software solution by Reliance that would help small retailers get on with the new taxation system of the nation. The government introduced a new taxation system starting 1st of July that would have a single centralized taxation system across all states of the nation. However, the new system was implemented overnight, making it difficult for small retailers to shift to the new system.

What is JioGST Starter Kit?

The new software solution from Reliance – Jio GST Starter Kit Offer, is now available at Rs. 1999, which is aimed to help small retailers have a smooth transition to the new taxation system. Along with the new software solution, the users will also get a new JioFi device, allowing 24GB of data usage per year and a connection with unlimited voice calls. There will also be other helpful tools and services integrated with the JioGST pack aimed towards small businesses.

With the GST rollout, the government has allowed some private companies to step into the scenario and make it easier for small businesses to shift to GST. These companies are called the GST Suvidha Providers or GSPs. These companies are a part of the Goods and Services Tax Network and will have to comply with the GST Laws.Reliance is one of such service providers. They have partnered with the Retailers Association of India (RAI). Their software solution will enable small-time traders to maintain records, file GST returns and do other related tasks.

What is the cost of JioGST Starter Kit?

Reliance JioGST Starter Kit price is INR 1999/-. According to Reliance, the market cost for the entire package is around 11 thousand rupees, but with the JioGST starter kit, the cost comes down to just Rs. 2000. You can have a look at the table below to know more.

JioGST Starter Kit

 Market ValueJioGST Starter Kit
GST Filing

1 year software access

Rs. 1,999+Complimentary Premium Access for 1 year only
JioFi DeviceRs. 1,999Value Worth Rs. 3,886

Now available only at Rs 1,999

Data Plan

Rs. 149 x 12 + Plus Jio Prime subscription for Rs. 99. Unlimited calls plus 2GB monthly data

Rs. 1,887
Jio Billing ApplicationRs. 4,999Complimentary Premium Access for 1 year only
JioGST knowledge seriesRs. 0Unlimited Access
 Rs. 10,884+Rs. 1,999

Advantages of Jio GST Starter Kit:

With JioGST Starter Kit, you get

  • GST compliant solution: A comprehensive and compliant solution offering billing, return filing, e-signing, reconciliation, and GSTN Access.
    • Free GSP & ASP services for one year along with a mobile billing solution
    • Easy-to-use JioGST software solution that complies with the laws of the GST.
    • Empaneled professionals to help small time traders with getting started with the software and running
  • Connectivity: Uploading invoices and getting access to GSTN
    • 24GB free data
    • 1 free Jio Prime and JD3
    • Free prime membership
  • Devices: Devices to access the internet and run the accounting software
    • Discounted device offers from different OEMs in Indian market
    • Finance scheme to get new devices with buyback offers on older devices.

Jio GST Starter Kit Demo

To request a demo of Jio GST Starter Kit, you can call on Jio Official Toll Free number (18008899555). You can Call it anytime and it is free to call, no charge will be made to your mobile.

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{**FREE**} JioGST Starter Kit Offer – Get JioFi, JioGST Software, Calling & Data
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