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JioPhone Online Booking

Jio Phone Pre Order Registration Form available for India ka SmartPhoneJioPhone Online Booking. How to Book Jio Phone Online and Order JioPhone Cash on Delivery (COD Link). Jio Phone Registration Start date and Price, JioPhone Online Booking Steps, Procedure & Tips.

After taking the market by storm by providing free internet 4G data for almost a year and putting all its competitors to shame, Reliance is back to change the habits of Indians by Launching the new Jio smartphone for an effective price of Rupees 0.00. JioPhone Online Booking will be open from 24th OF August 2017 and will also be available for Pre Booking Online from the same day.

India ka SmartPhone – JioPhone

The announcement of the JioPhone Online Booking was made by the business tycoon, Mukesh Ambani on the 21st of July 2017 who declared the phone to be “India ka Smartphone” and it will be set up for a beta test from the 15Th of August 2017. The phone will be available for sale in the market from 1st September 2017 only to those signing up for Pre Booking Online or Offline and JioPhone Online Booking on a first-come-first-served basis.

What is the aim of Reliance?

The aim of the Digital India campaign was to make Indians more tech savvy and encourage more uses of modern technology primarily based on the internet which is pretty hassle-free and convenient for any person to use. The availability of the free Jio 4G data greatly augmented that cause but still was not available to everyone at large simply because most of them did not possess a phone that could support 4G internet. Hence willing people who could not afford a smartphone were not able to utilize this opportunity. Mukesh Ambani addressed this important issue and hence made available the JioPhone to those who are not able to afford pricey smartphones. Hence people who were not exposed to the 4G data even after it being free will greatly benefit from this device.

What are the specifications of the JioPhone?

Display2.40 inches
Battery2000 mAh
External storageAvailable
Processor1.3 GHz
Rear cameraAvailable
FM RadioAvailable
4G LTE SupportAvailable
Jio AppsPreloaded
Headphone JackAvailable
Speakers and MicrophoneAvailable

Free JioPhone Features

 How does one benefit from the #JioPhone?

The phone is a simple l0ooking button smartphone for all those who are not acquainted with the new generation of phones. It, however, goes an extra step to make it 4G compatible with all the entertainment features one might get in other smartphones. The phone is rumored to soon be available with NFC support allowing the small device to pay instantly from credit and debit cards.

Ambani is well aware of the fact that free things are often put to misuse and hence he came up with a scheme where a  price of Rupees  1500 will be charged as security deposit on sale which however will be totally refundable after a span of 3 years when the user can redeem the money by returning his used device. The effective price, therefore, remains 0 and the users are expected to make responsible use of it.

JioPhone Online Booking & Registration Start date

The launch date of the JioPhone was 15th of August 2017 bringing smiles to all those who were all this time out of reach of the ever growing technology. Reliance will make available very cheap monthly packs to those signing up for the JioPhone Online Booking. Reliance will also be introducing sachet packs at only Rupees 24 making available all the free services for two days while the sachet pack of Rupees 54 will provide the same services for a week. Here are the main features of this Jio Phone Online Booking:

  • Free Jio Phone Release date 15th August 2017
  • JioPhone Registration will start from 24th August 2017
  • Phones will be delivered to registered customers on September 2017
  • Security deposit Rs 1500 for Jio free phone.
  • Unlimited 4G Data and Free SMS with Unlimited Voice Call.


Reliance is leaving no stone unturned in making India go completely digital with its daring plans and helping the financially weak get a fair chance at improving their lives. Jio Phone Online Booking is not available right now, but if you want to book Jio 500rs Phone Online you can visit that Link to Order Jio 500 Mobile

**Pre Order NOW** India ka SmartPhone – JioPhone Online Booking
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