Man behind Freedom 251 Mohit Goel Detained for Fraud


GHAZIABAD: Ringing Bells MD Mohit Goel Arrested or Detained | Ringing Bells Company’s Director Mr. Mohit Goel has been detained in some serious charges against him via Ghaziabad-based Company Ayam Enterprises. A Noida Based Company Ringing Bells had promised to people through its official website to deliver world cheapest smartphone at Rs. 251 named Freedom251 seems turning into Fake promise. Ghaziabad Deputy SP Manish Mishra said “Goel has been detained for interrogation in the matter”.

Highlights Freedom 251 News

  • Mohit Goel was detained after an FIR against Ringing Bells by Ghaziabad-based firm alleging that Ringing Bells “Fraud” it of Rs. 16 Lakh.
  • Police are interrogating Mohit Goel.
  • Ringing Bells had misguided millions people, fake promise promoting on its website in February last year.

Read here Reason behind Mr. Mohit Goel arrested.

In the Fir, Ayam Enterprises claimed that Mr. Mohit Goel agreed to assign distributorship to Ayam Enterprises in November 2015.

Mohit Goel Detained for Fraud

What they claimed over Freedom251 distributorship

“We paid Rs 30 lakh to Ringing Bells through RTGS on different occasions. But it delivered us product worth Rs 13 lakh only. Upon follow-up, we could get products plus money totaling Rs 14 lakh,” claimed in FIR.

They also claimed that they threatened with life if they asked for the rest 16 Lakh “again and again”.

Ringing Bells started sell of Freedom 251 smartphone through its website. Although on the occasion of booking several people complained that their booking is completed but they didn’t receive their product yet. On several occasion Ringing Bells made excuses of server down issue and website crashed and pushed date of flash sale numbers of time.

They also revealed that company had distributed across the country in different states. At the end controversy started over Freedom 251 delivery. The firm also claimed that around 30,000 customers had booked despite some glitch and more than seven crore people registered for it.

Man behind Freedom 251 Mohit Goel Detained for Fraud
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