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If you are looking for a podiatrist Adelaide, look no further than Pod Fit Podiatry. Whether you are an avid sportsman or enjoy the company of others, Pod Fit Podiatry works with many local sporting clubs to help prevent foot pain and injury. Pod Fit Podiatry’s local sporting clubs include the Metro United Women’s Football Club, Hectorville Little Athletics, Pulteney Football Club, and Inglefarey Soccer Club. Pod Fit Podiatry also volunteers at community events. For more information about podiatrist Adelaide, read the full info here. 

Tom is a podiatrist in Adelaide.

podiatrist AdelaideIf you’re looking for a Podiatrist in Adelaide, you’ve come to the right place. Tom Dawson, Podiatric Surgeon at Healthworks, has a background in sports and a passion for podiatry. His special interests include postural assessment, gait analysis, and functional biomechanics. In addition, he enjoys helping people improve their movement and reduce leg pain and postural complaints. He has run marathons and led the London AFL footy team to premiership glory!

A graduate of the University of South Australia, Tom received his Bachelor of Podiatry degree in 2000. He enjoys being a podiatrist and is passionate about helping people. He has extensive experience in many areas of Podiatry, including biomechanics, nail surgery, and routine nail care. So whether you’re looking for a Podiatrist in Adelaide or a Foot Specialist in Adelaide, you’ll be glad you stumbled upon Tom May.

Integrated podiatry into the orthopaedic department has several benefits. It increases the number of new patients treated by a Podiatrist, reduces orthopaedic surgeon visits and improves surgical conversion rates. Additionally, it’s cheaper than usual care. The Podiatrist can disseminate referrals from general practitioners and progress only those with a high chance of needing operative intervention.

Julia is a podiatrist in Adelaide.

Dr Julia Dawson is a podiatrist Adelaide who works for a reputable private clinic in Adelaide. After graduating from the University of South Australia, she spent most of her career in private clinics. She is passionate about movement science and uses various techniques to improve her clients’ function. She enjoys helping people move better, regardless of age or athletic ability. In addition to her clinical experience, Julia is also a keen runner, golfer, and foot flipper.

Public podiatric services in Australia manage a high percentage of patients with diabetes, and the two-year incidence of ulceration and amputation is high, especially in the Australian context. This high burden of diabetes-related foot morbidity requires a multidisciplinary approach to the patient’s health care. Yet, the current funding model may not represent these patients’ burden.

Cliff is a podiatrist in Adelaide.

Cliff Dawson, a highly experienced and well-respected podiatrist, is a sports and foot care specialist. He has a background in clinical teaching and lecturing at QUT and a short stint as a locum teacher in Brisbane. In the mid-eighties, Cliff taught physical education in NSW secondary schools, where he met his wife, Dorene. At the same time, Cliff was a graded rugby league player and played state-level for the Penrith Panthers. For more information about podiatrist Adelaide, read the full info here.

After completing his Podiatry degree at the University of South Australia, Cliff joined Platform Podiatry in Adelaide. He has over six years of experience as an Owner/ Principal podiatrist. He holds a Bachelor of Podiatry degree from the University of South Australia. He has many interests and enjoys helping clients move more freely. In addition, he treats various foot problems and enjoys helping people achieve a healthy balance.

Cliff has extensive experience in foot and ankle surgery and reconstruction. He is a member of the top-ranked podiatry team at Mango Medical and has extensive experience in private practice. Cliff provides comprehensive foot and ankle care in Adelaide, and he is a kind and collaborative practitioner with an uncompromising commitment to helping his patients reach their health goals. With a particular interest in sports and foot care, Cliff is passionate about helping people of all ages enjoy the game of basketball and cycling.

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