How to Use Jio 4G Internet in Your PC, Laptop & Desktop

Use Jio 4G Internet in Your PC Laptop

How to Use Jio 4G Internet in Your PC, Laptop & Desktop. Connect Reliance Jio 4G Connection with PC & Laptops. Share Your Jio 4G Internet with Laptop & PC. Connect Reliance Jio LYF 4G phone with PC for unlimited internet. Steps by Steps, How to Use Jio Internet from Mobile to PC, Laptop & Desktop.

Share Jio 4G Internet with Your PC & Laptops

Use Jio 4G Internet in Your PC, now it is possible and quite easy to do. Yes, you can make use of Jio internet 4G in your PC or Laptop. As we all know, Jio got great branding and people got addicted to using Jio. Some of them stick with the free Jio calls or some are to free Jio internet with 4G speed. But we love the service provided by the Jio and we still wait for the next further offer and maybe think of any surprise.

So what’s more people need? Nothing much Jio, but still there can be much more can do with Jio. Yes, you can make of FREE Jio internet for computer and laptop and the question arises now is how to Use Jio 4G Internet in Your PC or Laptop? Don’t worry; in this article, you can get the clear idea of making use of Jio internet for your PC or Laptop.

Steps to Use Jio 4G Internet in Your PC or Laptop

  • Embed the Sim and Tele Verify:

    Don’t be surprised and more worried if you don’t know much. Normally you need to embed the sim for any 4G featured mobile and make tele verification of that sim once inserted by dialing 1977 from the mobile with that sim. So it is very important to have tele verification and because it helps you to get boundless information from Jio from which you can make use of Jio internet to the other devices.

  • Set JioFi:

    Yes, now it is time to make the red light environmental friendly and from which you can enjoy the internet of Jio to the other devices. You need to insert the sim into the space available for the sim.

  • Determine the color:

    There will three colors, red, green and blue and these colors define the internet working on JioFi. So, if the color is green then the JioFi gadget is based on 4G speed of internet and blue represent the same.

  • Scan the Device:

    Yes, there is an option which you can do the scanning of the device with the computer or laptop having Wifi point. Just you need to scan the JioFi device and make the connection with the device for accessing the internet.

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Hotspot Sharing Jio 4G with PC

What do you hotspot sharing? When you thought of sharing the internet or receive any internet connection, you most thought of the word is a hotspot, isn’t it? Yes, of course, people got to know more about the hotspot and it has become more popular in the field of internet sharing.

Yes once you got connected the internet of Jio, you can Use Jio 4G Internet in Your PC or Laptop with the help of hotspot sharing. So, there will be easier to connect from the hotspot from the other steps shown above and for doing this, you need to have first Jio internet connected to the Laptop or PC which you are using.

How to Use Jio 4G Internet in Your PC, Laptop & Desktop
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