How to Video call on WhatsApp | Group video call on WhatsApp


How to video call on WhatsApp | Group video call on WhatsApp– WhatsApp Video Calling Apk Download, Activate Free Video Call Feature. After a long time, WhatsApp has begun taking off video calling facility on its mobile application. The component has begun taking off on devices that have gotten the update version 2.16.356 and will be made accessible to more Android, iOS and Windows Phone clients in the following few days. You can know what version of WhatsApp you are on, by making a beeline for Settings->About and Help->About.

How to video call on WhatsApp Steps to Steps

  1. Open Google Play and search for WhatsApp
  2. Open WhatsApp’s Google Play listing
  3. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page
  4. In the section that says Become a beta tester tap on I’M IN
  5. Confirm on the next screen and wait for a few minutes
  6. Come back to WhatsApp listing page on Google Play
  7. You should see an option to Update WhatsApp to beta version
  8. Update the app

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Just in the situation that you have not got the update for voice calls just yet,no need to become angry, because this is being taken off to clients in batches, and you will surely get the update pushed to your mobile automatically.

New Features of Whatsapp Video Calling

WhatsApp messenger attempt to mesmerized it’s million number of clients. Presently WhatsApp application has come up with one wonderful lineament that is WhatsApp video calling feature. Read entire article to download Apk which will support video calling in whatsapp messenger. Till now whatsapp not give video calling application but it is still the top most messenger everywhere throughout the world.

At the point when WhatsApp at long last got a voice calling feature a year ago it cleared out us with only one question: when do we get video? WhatsApp’s official blog has cleared that the feature will be rolled out to the majority of the stage’s clients “in the coming days,” yet for the time being just beta clients have access.

Making a video call is much the same as making a audio call: open a call visit with the individual you want to contact and after that select the Video Call alternative. The other individual will likewise require the beta version of the application installed, or else you’ll simply get a error message.

How to Video call on WhatsApp | Group video call on WhatsApp
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