{*GET*} When I Will get Freedom 251 Mobile Delivery


Freedom 251 is the latest exciting Smartphone offering on the market. It is available for a mere Rs.251, and is a product of Noida-based Company Ringing Bells. Now the question is When I will get Freedom 251 Mobile?

How to get Freedom 251 mobile?

Now the question arises, When will I get Freedom 251 phone? The answer is very easy.
All one has to do to get Freedom 251 is:

  1. Pre-order on the Freedom 251 website freedom251.com
  2. Get confirmation of booking
  3. Wait for payment details to be delivered to email id
  4. And then—just wait for the Smartphone to be delivered!!! Freedom 251 can be delivered by home delivery or Freedom 251 cart.

More details regarding Freedom251 Phone

This should answer one’s question regarding when will I get Freedom 251 phone? Moreover, before one can ask the question when I will get Freedom 251 phone, one also has to look at certain details regarding the phone’s specifications and other interesting details.

When I Will get Freedom 251 ?

  • The phone is available for Rs. 251, and another Rs.40 delivery charge is being levied, so the total cost comes to Rs.291.
  • The phone possesses same specs as those which normally cost Rs.3000-4000.
  • Some believe that its design is inspired by Apple.
  • All deliveries are to be completed by June 30th, 2016.

Freedom 251 Home delivery

Also, those interested in asking when I will get Freedom 251 phone should visit freedom251info.com regularly. The website is certain to provide tons of specifications and updates regarding the Smartphone itself.

Moreover, all those wishing to get the Freedom 251 should realize that the final date of ordering is today, yes, that is the 21st of February, 2016!!! So, don’t delay and order your Freedom 251 now!!!

{*GET*} When I Will get Freedom 251 Mobile Delivery
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  1. Freedom 251. Congratulation your Freedom 251 order No FDM14557669717750 for Rs 251 is confirmed & will be shipped by 30 june with COD as payment mode. not received

  2. Hi,
    I Already Booked My Freedom 251 Mobile On The Date :19/02/2016 And My Order No Is : FDM145585043998935,Timing: 8:23Am.But Still I Didn’t received My Phone…..


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