Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Price in India & Launch with 8th-gen Core i7 CPU

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Price
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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Price in India & Launch with 8th-gen Core i7 CPU launched, hopes to beat MacBook Pro. Mi NoteBook Pro Launch & Release Date, Price and Specifications. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Booking Online, Buy Online & Registration details.

How Mi Notebook Pro beats easy MacBook Pro?

The new Launch of Xiaomi comes with the latest state of art technology. The design, configuration, sensor, price etc. of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is unmatched in the market. Xiaomi was a news in the laptop market. Previous products of the manufacturer such as Mi Mix 2 and Mi note 2 was a success in the market. Now, Xiaomi leaders have thought of competing with Apple. Yes, the latest launch, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro can now be a competitor to Apple MacBook Pro.

Xiaomi Mi NoteBook Launch Date in India

How similar is Xiaomi Design with Mac?

  • Xiaomi has launched the latest series of the laptop which has a very clean design.
  • You will get this in dark gray shade. The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is the new launch with a great display. People will get confused if they see this and the MacBook Pro side by side.
  • The manufacturer of the Xiaomi has researched the market and found that maximum people wish to get a laptop that will look like MacBook Pro. Thus, they are now successful in providing the same to their consumers.

How can you get MacBook design and screen?

Just like the MacBook, the Mi notebook has a 16.6-inch screen. You will get Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro with the same display size.

  • The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro has the top layer of Gorilla Glass 3. You don’t have the tension of losing its screen after it slips down from your hand. You get more impressive hardware inside the new Xiaomi Mi laptop.
  • This is the latest 8th generation notebook with the latest processor named as Intel core i7. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Launch has attracted the laptop and gadget lovers from various parts of the world.

What New technology is used in new Xiaomi Mi NoteBook?

People are now very concerned about their device security. You can now get this very feature through Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Launch. Following are some points:

  • The latest Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro have the fingerprint sensor. You will get this technology at the right-hand corner of the trackpad. People wish to transfer files from one place to another.
  • This is now possible to send images, documents texts from one place to another through the SD card slot present in the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro.

What features you get in Keyboard size and memory?

People are very eager to know about the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Price. It is going to compete with the MacBook Pro. The 8th generation Notebook from Xiaomi comes with 16 GB RAM. If you compare its keyboard with that of MacBook Pro, the keyboard is 19 percent bigger than that of apple device. The price is not totally known till now. It won’t be possible before the release date.  But, you can get some clues from the statement of the representative of Xiaomi.

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Price in India

You will get the device at almost half the price of Apple MacBook Pro.Not all individual has the capacity to buy Mac products. Thus, they always wish to get a substitute. You are just a few steps away from Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Price & Launch Event.

The particular product from Xiaomi will serve the purpose of maximum people who wish to use MacBook but cannot afford it.  Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Price will be easily affordable.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Price in India & Launch with 8th-gen Core i7 CPU
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