The Benefits of Using Weighted Blankets As A Natural Therapy for Various Medical Conditions

A weighted blanket is simply a large, heavy blanket employed as a therapy to help sleep and alleviate stress. At first, Adelaide weighted blankets were primarily utilized as therapeutic aids to help people with sensory processing disorders, autism, and dementia. However, they have since become a common mass-market item. Their popularity has not diminished despite their usage being widely criticized for being ineffective, expensive, and sometimes dangerous. Get the best deals on your next weighted blankets purchase by clicking this link.

The question on everyone’s mind now is, do Adelaide weighted blankets work? The technique known as deep touch pressure therapy provides relief to individuals suffering from disorders such as asthma, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, restless leg syndrome, and trichotillomania (the technique is also known as hair-pulling). A person is placed on their stomach, and their arms are firmly gripping the blanket. This technique is designed to soothe the muscles of the abdomen and scalp by causing them to contract. What is meant by this is that the pressure of the blanket causes a soothing effect on the individual’s body and soul.


Even though it has been argued that the practice is psychologically harmful, many individuals utilize the blankets to achieve restful sleep. In addition to relieving symptoms of ailments, they also promote healthy sleep habits. A study conducted by a group of psychiatrists at the University of Buffalo found that individuals who regularly wore a weighted blanket to bed increased their chances of falling asleep by nearly two times.


Although this may seem like an extreme observation, it proves that the techniques used in the blanket can have a profound effect on one’s sleeping habits. Another study conducted at the University of Wisconsin found that women who used a weighted sleep blanket while pregnant had more sleep than those who did not use the blankets. Get the best deals on your next weighted blankets purchase by clicking this link.


Chiropractors and osteopaths often prescribe the use of Adelaide weighted blankets. The rationale behind this practice is that when a person is in a prone position during sleep, it increases the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome or sciatica. According to the American College of Chiropractic, when a person is lying horizontally, the tendency is for the spine to lengthen. The result is that, as time passes, the spine eventually reaches an angle at which it cannot support the new bodyweight. To counteract this effect, chiropractors prescribe a horizontal blanket that helps distribute the weight of the skull and other spinal structures throughout the body.