Why it is Important to Have a Building Inspector Check Out Your Home

A building inspector performs an investigation to check the quality of a building or any part of it. A local government agency usually employs them. They are qualified in one or more fields, equipping them with the knowledge and experience to make an informed judgment on whether a structure meets building code standards. A building inspector will inspect an area and report findings of structural integrity, energy efficiency, safety, and practicality. They are required to inspect structures classified as one of three classes: public use, residential, or industrial. The inspector’s report is used as a basis for the owner’s decisions on modifying or tearing down the structure. The main goal of this article is to provide you with important information on how you should conduct your building inspector background check and what to expect when you get results.

building inspectorIf you’re a new home builder, you need to verify that your building inspector is registered with the NIDA (National Institute of Building Inspection) to inspect your project. The National Institute of Building Inspection is a not for profit organization that holds exams to become a certified building inspector. Once you pass the exam, you are required to become a member of their organization. To become a member, you must undergo an interview process where you are assessed for suitability. If you are a candidate for membership, you will be asked to take the written exam, which measures your knowledge of building regulations, building principles and codes, building procedures and safety, and pest control.

Commercial construction and renovation require a different set of building codes than do home renovations. Commercial construction inspectors must work under the supervision of a registered building inspector. Because of the unique environment of commercial construction and renovation, commercial inspectors are often required to have additional training and special certifications. The requirements to become a registered building inspector vary from state to state. Some states only require that inspectors be licensed, while others require that they be a member of NIDAP or the equivalent Building Contractors Association. It is always advised that you check with your state’s Department of Insurance to ensure that your state has the exact licensing requirements as your local area.

Before you can become a building inspector, you must first be assigned a temporary permit. Many things require a permit before a construction or renovation project can proceed. The most important things that need a permit are: purchasing the lot and building, receiving the building permit, and inspecting the property. If any of the mentioned requirements are not completed, then your project will not be permitted to proceed.