Types of Wardrobe Cabinets

Wardrobe cabinets are the answer if you’re looking for a way to organise your clothing and accessories. These storage units come in many forms, from freestanding to built-in. Learn the benefits of each type and what to look for when buying a wardrobe. After all, they’re designed to be as functional as possible. But how do you choose the right one for your space? Here are a few tips:

wardrobes SAFreestanding wardrobe cabinets

These large freestanding wardrobes SA cabinets feature multiple compartments with a sliding door for easy access. The central section has a garment rod and an upper shelf, while the side compartments have multiple shelves and two or more drawers. Some freestanding cabinets also feature a second garment rod. These are ideal for storing more oversized items and are designed for a modern look. They also come with a warranty. Some models are easy to assemble and have plenty of storage space.

Built-in wardrobes

When choosing a built-in wardrobe cabinet, you must know precisely what you need to store. The volume of your clothes should be considered, as will the amount of room needed to store towels and bedding. You also must be aware of the size of the clothes you plan to store and whether you will need additional space in the future. An excellent built-in wardrobe will combine both closed and open storage options. Here’s an example of a closet that’s ideal for storing clothes:

An excellent built-in wardrobe can accommodate nearly anything. The basic model is made up of three areas with either equal or different widths. The middle section has drawers, and the bottom two sections can have adjustable shelves to store shoes or other items. The hanging section has one side divided into full-length shelving. Many built-in wardrobes come with several accessories. You can even add a shelf or two on the side. Ultimately, you’ll end up with the wardrobe of your dreams.

Combination wardrobes

A combination wardrobes SA is a multipurpose storage unit. This type of wardrobe includes drawers, shelves and hanging space. The lower height makes it ideal for displaying photos or other items. A combination wardrobe is available in different styles. Contact a store to discuss your needs to find out what kind is right for your room. Here are a few common types:


An armoire is a freestanding piece of furniture that holds clothes and other items. Typically, it comes in a rectangular box shape. Its function stores clothes, household items, money, and medications. Armoires were initially used to store firearms. They are often made of wood and sit in a room. The design and look of an armoire can change significantly depending on its purpose and style. However, there are some styles to choose from, each with a different look and appeal.

Several styles of armoires and wardrobe dressers are available, and the colours can be chosen to match the rest of the room’s furniture. For example, you may want to choose a colour that perfectly matches the room’s rest or one that has complementary colours to bring visual interest to the space. If you want to save space, choose an armoire with a depth of at least 20 inches (51 cm). By following this, you can ensure a wardrobe that caters to your needs and is appealing to the eyes.


Chiffarobes are wardrobe cabinets with drawers and shelves. They combine the features of a chest of drawers with a long hanging space. Chiffarobes come with two doors, one enclosing both parts of the closet and the other just the part with the hanging clothes. Both styles are great for apartments with limited closet space. Chiffarobes are also available in custom styles.

The term chiffarobe comes from the French “chiffonier,” which means “chiffonier.” It is a portmanteau of the words wardrobe and chest of drawers. Chiffarobes are also referred to as armoires and robewards. They are a type of freestanding wardrobe but are not as common as their synonyms. Chiffarobes come in many shapes and sizes, generally tall and wide.

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